How to Find Sources

Your or your invitees might be wondering…Potluck Learning sounds great, but how I come up with a source to bring?

First, think to yourself – after reading and digesting the prompt, what comes to mind? Do you agree with the sentiment? Do you feel strongly one way or another? Does this connect to something else you were thinking about?

Second, try to look in some creative places for source ideas. Here are some tips on where to look:

Jewish sources

  • Tanach (5 books of Moses, Prophets, Writings). Are there any stories or characters that relate to these questions about ______? You can try searching for a word
  • Talmud – search for a topic using WebShas
  • Jewish (or other) philosophy. Google your favorite philosopher + a related phrase/quote/topic and see what they have to say about this topic! Suggestions: Soloveitchik, Kook, Heschel, Jonathan Sacks, Maimonides…
  • Tradition – Journal of Orthodox Thought: 1,634 articles (download excel sheet and find relevant topics)
  • Jewish customs. Is there a law or practice that you relate to these ideas?
  • any social justice-related sources

Other sources

  • Psychology. Are you interested in how these questions about _____ impact the human psyche? Start googling!
  • Literature. Does a novel or a poem you read remind you of any of these questions? Does this topic make you think of a favorite character?
  • TED talks
  • Anything else you can think of. Let your mind wander and make some connections – just go with it!

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