What is Potluck Learning?

Potluck learning (PLL) is a new model of Jewish learning crafted to engage and educate a group of people about central topics and questions in their lives. Just like a Potluck meal, a Potluck learning session invites all participants to contribute a text relating to a central theme. Instead of one person preparing an entire learning session and source sheet, the host chooses a topic, distributes a prompt beforehand, and facilitates a discussion where each person who joins can share his/her text with the group as it relates to the discussion.

Why Potluck Learning?

Learning is both the backbone of any Jewish community and essential for personal spiritual growth.  As young adults creating our space in society, we can especially benefit from applying Jewish learning to our day-to-day lives.

Potluck learning in particular:

  • Allows all participants to actively contribute and engage
  • Takes away the burden from one person for creating and leading a shiur
  • Lowers the barrier of entry for Jewish learning as texts can be in Hebrew or English, Jewish or secular
  • Can be coordinated by peers on a grassroots level instead of requiring professional leadership or institutions
  • Allows for multiple perspectives on a topic and an interactive exchange of ideas
  • Is really fun!

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